What is Druzy?

They spell it so different — drusy, druse, drusies, druzy — but it stays the same luxury and unique gem: drusy is truly a thing of beauty.

It consists of small even tiny crystals that from a stone together. Those crystals sparkle like very small diamonds in the sun.

Reflecting the light, the drusy crystals often appear in a rainbow of pleasing colors, creating a palette. Imagine sugar or snow, glistening in the sun. That's drusy.

Interestingly, drusy obtains its shape from the variety of quartz upon which the drusy itself has formed. Thus, with so many varieties of quartz, there are many shapes/cuts of drusy available.

Fashioned 2.5 million years ago, and discovered in the Omo valley in Ethiopia by archaeologists, were some of mankind's earliest and primitive tools. From what were these tools made? Quartz.

According to legend, drusy quartz to this very day is held as an energizer that stabilizes both your body and your aura, as well as promoting creativity.

Drusy crystals went unnoticed in the jewelry world until recently, when they began appearing in the work of noted carvers and jewelry designers.

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